Who We Are

Green Power Girl is a fun and engaging curriculum with a diverse cast of environmental superheroes that teaches elementary and middle school students about energy conservation and planetary stewardship through cosplay, storytelling, interactive games, and science-based eco actions.

The story of Green Power Girl and the Green Power Heroes is one students can relate to: how kids everywhere who care about our planet can collectively become an act of super power. They learn how an ordinary girl named Gigi Star becomes superhero Green Power Girl because of one incredible act of compassion. She saves “Sir Grog the Frog,” and is initiated into the Green Power Hero Universe, joining Marina Del Ray, Jah Wind Power, Mercury Man, Buddy Biomass, and a whole cast of characters to take on the forces that are bent on destroying our planet.  

Learn more about our services to inspire and engage the next generation of eco activists in your school or one-on-one, including:

  • classroom experiences
  • educational resources
  • student mentoring
  • leadership training 

Our Climate Action Workbook and comic books take students around the world to learn about the most pressing energy and sustainability issues, cooperative strategy, and how they can work together for the good of the health of the planet. 

Educators can trust our award-winning curriculum. All of our work incorporates standard-based and STEAM activities that help teachers and home-schoolers meet educational objectives while empowering students to take their new awareness into action to bring about real change. 

It’s not all fun and games. Since 2000, Green Power Girl and the Green Power Heroes have captured the attention of more than 150,000 students across the U.S. whose eyes might otherwise glaze over when presented with a school assembly to learn about fossil fuels and the environment. We have taught in public, private, and home-school settings, and began as a grassroots school assembly program sponsored by public utilities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Watch the story of how a girl named Gigi Star became Green Power Girl