Be a Green Power Hero

Congratulations! By studying the Climate Action Workbook to Save the Planet, you have joined Green Power Girl and the Green Power Heroes to sustain life on this planet for all children of all creatures for all time — you can be a Green Power Hero!

Take Action!

Now that you know more about your ecological footprint and where your food, energy, water, and resources come from, it’s time to take action!

Here are 3 easy activities you can do to be your own Green Power Hero. Share what you do by submitting to Green Power Girl or posting a picture to Instagram and tagging it #greenpowerhero —  you may even end up in our Gallery of Green Power Heroes.

Eat Meatless Meals – you can have a radical impact on the environment just by changing the way you eat. Reducing the amount of meat you consume reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, which can lower our atmosphere’s temperature.

Make Compost – did you know you can turn food scraps, napkins, and even cardboard boxes into soil for your garden? Making compost can help reduce your family’s trash by 20 percent!

Plant a Tree – add shade and fresh air to your neighborhood by planting a tree. Many cities and towns have programs that give away free trees. And if you plant a fruit tree, you can even grow some of your own food!

What are your superpowers for saving the planet? Tell us how you’re taking action, and you may be profiled in our Gallery of Green Power Heroes!