Climate Action Workbook

The Climate Action Workbook to Save the Planet showcases examples from around the world to teach students about the most pressing energy and sustainability issues, cooperative strategy, and how they can work together for the good of the health of the planet. 

It provides a fun and engaging curriculum that teaches elementary and middle school students critical thinking tools to encourage imagination and foster real-life solutions. 

Designed with flexible lesson plans that teach practical skills like how to compost, The Climate Action Workbook to Save the Planet is geared to 4th-6th graders, or can be modified for younger or older students in a classroom or at home. You can take as little as one to three class periods for each lesson, or choose to take 2-3 weeks or longer to design and plant a garden, for instance. 

Each chapter has a storytelling theme with corresponding activities and eco actions, a set of key terms — expanding students’ vocabulary — and “Talking Circle” conversation starters that prompt students to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives. 

Download a sample chapter.