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About Susan a.k.a. “Green Power Girl”

Susan Cox is a seasoned climate activist, educator, and sustainability advocate with 20 years of experience working with teachers, kids, parents, artists, climate scientists, comic book characters, and so many others to craft a comprehensive and unique program for your school, school district, or home-school classroom.

Susan created, developed, and implemented the Green Power Hero School outreach program that with a curriculum, animated stories, and a card game that reached more than 150,000 participants in hundreds of schools across the U.S. Susan designed the story of Green Power Girl and the Green Power Heroes to tell the story of climate change and environmental integrity.

She has worked on environmental education projects, having produced Earth Day events, Clean Energy Fairs, and climate conferences that have garnered state-wide media attention. In four years, 60 schools and 5,000 children participated in these events, giving students hands-on activities and empowerment to handle the immense task of changing the world dependent on poisonous fossil fuels.

The serious work of climate change requires a change in perception, imaging a better world, and a reorganizing of our relationship to the natural world to take better actions.

Through coaching and mentoring, Susan supports students to create an avatar with their unique special powers. This is empowering and builds self esteem, while also teaching students how sharing their special power in service to our community and world serves their green power hero mission.

We all want to feel empowered and connected in SOLUTIONS that humanity and our planet of kindred beings so desperately need. We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for!

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Watch Susan Cox tell the tale of Green Power Girl at TEDxHonolulu

An extremely well done and timely learning experience. The message could not be more important.

Principal, Keith Bartlett Dilbert Elementary, New Orleans, LA

Thank you for coming to our class and telling us about green power. Now since you told us about green power I went home and told my parents about it and they went out and got 6 CFLs [compact fluorescent lamps].

Thomas Cato, Toluca Lake Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA

A wonderful assembly – each one had the students talking about energy and “green power” after the assembly. The Green Power workbook is very well thought out and was a useful resource.

Parent Michael Robinson, Clover Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA