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Green Power Girl was sent by Mother Nature to empower the humans with nature’s abundant clean energy. The way of the fossil had fueled civilization and allowed the great cities and technology to be built. But these innovations came at great cost – pollution…smog that was literally choking the children of the planet, melting polar ice caps, destabilizing weather patterns, and disrupting all primary functions on Planet Earth!

Mother Nature knew that something must be done! With hope looking grim…She knew it would take the ingenuity and integrity of a child to light the way, and transisition the world away from the old energy fools. While Jah Wind Power was whirling a wind storm one day, he remarkably, caught a girl holding a frog. She was whirled her and whirled right into the center of Mother Nature’s Queen Dom, where all of nature can communicate.

Mother Nature borrowed the girl to train her in all the ways of magic and power. She was trained in the magic of the earth and the science of energy from Sun, Water and Wind. She also trained with wise animal avatars to help her make energy clean and abundant for all.