Mr. Mogoo

Appears in the present as an energy power broker.

To extract the last remains of oil and gas on the planet. MoGoo is very ancient and analytical. He is a miser and holds onto things in the past tightly. His positive aspects can only be seen if he is visited in the past, when he was wise and useful.

He has a cane that drips oil and can detect oil and money anywhere. The head of his cane came from the scull of a sea bird that was coated with oil and whose eyes flash red when he is about to power up his “Oil Goo attack”.

The DINO DIGGERS are spirits that can be invoked when he call on them. The dino diggers stole MoGoo’s soul when he was a child and are now his henchmen whose skeleton faces, bodies and one long skeleton finger dip into the earth to find oil.

A blind eye (his greatest weakness) that he turns to all future needs and concerns. MoGoo could be wise if he wasn’t attached to his cane of oil and money.