Top Ten Farters and other gaseous details

Ok I hate to stoop to blogging about farts but I thought this was really interesting. My mom sent me an article about a 6th grader who won a rotary speech contest based on her research about the gas we all know and love. Turns out I learned some stuff.

Like: Farts are made up of the following: Nitrogen, the main ingredient making up
59 percent; next behind is hydrogen at 21 percent; 9 percent carbon dioxide;
7 percent methane, 3 percent oxygen and 1 percent other stuff. Here are the top 10 farter’s:
Here are the top 10 farter’s:
1. Termites
2. Camels
3. Zebras and my pony Free
4. Sheep
5. Cows6. Elephants
7. Labradors and retrievers
8. Humans (vegetarians)
9. Humans (non-vegetarians)
10. Gerbils (also known as the
desert rat)