Marina “MDR” Del Ray

Does not have one.

To slow down the effects of global warming on the earth’s waterways. Marina is a water nymph that can live in lakes, rivers and streams but feels most comfortable in her ocean home among the coral reefs. She carries a magic shellphone that connects her to all water creatures and allows them to call upon her at anytime.

With jellyfish tentacles for hair and water animal allies, she has formidable strength and powers. She discovered GPG’s Scepter buried deep within the rubble of old Atlantis and gave it to the Dolphin Queen. Marina was told that the dolphins must find the one girl who had a pure heart to unlock the magic and mystery of the Solar Scepter. Her Magic Shellphone can see into all possible futures of waterpower.

All water creatures but especially the coral reefs and her special friend Manta Ray and Musculus the whale.

Global warming as it is altering the ocean temperature and ocean currents disrupting the ancient flow of water time