Jah Wind Power

Sometimes appears as a winged creature.

A human turned elemental. He has been around almost as long as Mother Nature and is capable of opening doorways to dimensions outside human perceptions. He helped to establish the Green Power Hero Headquarters. The GPH joint mission is to support all planetary life systems with clean green power.

Jah Wind plays his African drum to call upon the powers of the wind. He is in control of the air currents, and can create hurricanes as easy as creating a spring breeze. He delivered the RENEWABLE ENERGY CAPE to Green Power Girl and this bond takes them on many adventures for the Green Power Hero mission. You’ll often hear his song and contagious laughter before you see him arrive.

All creatures that fly. Jah Wind can take many forms, and often he ascends as a winged creature.

Needs wind energy to fly, but Global Warming has taken the forces and severity of the winds out of his control.