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The Green Power Hero Assembly Program

is an innovative environmental education school assembly and curriculum whose goals are to educate and inspire the next generation about issues concerning energy, conservation, global warming and planetary stewardship by:

  1. Helping students and teachers decipher the important choices made each day that affect the community, the environment and the planet.
  2. Encouraging students to become informed citizens about their energy future while also preparing them to take their place in the dynamic workforce of the 21st century.

The Green Power Hero Assembly – teaches about green (renewable, non-polluting) power, energy efficiency and more – the program continues to make a difference, already having reached nearly 100,000 students to encourage environmental stewardship on the part of the next generation.

ELEMENTARY Assembly Program Summary

The Green Power Girl character teaches elementary school children about the earth, air, water, conservation and more with an interactive animation show that helps encourage children to become Green Power Heroes by taking small actions like conserving energy and large actions like working to create a sustainable “greener” planet.

One of the most unique elements of the program involves the presenter: “Green Power Girl”, the clean energy superhero, who tells the story of how “Green Power Girl was sent by Mother Nature to empower the humans with the incredible potential of nature’s abundant energy.” With her green hair and renewable energy cape, the Green Power Girl character clearly connects with students and makes the learning process fun – teaching students to become not only current and future caretakers of the environment, but also ambassadors who help the adults in their lives make wise environmental choices.


The language of animation speaks to all ages and transcends cultural barriers. It is a powerful means of communication and gives young people the opportunity to experience the spirit of collaboration, develop new skills, and exercise their freedom of expression. The Green Power Hero Assembly program follows with an animation workshop produced with Animaction filmakers. AnimAction (see animaction.com) filmmakers encourage students to get involved in issues affecting their communities while teaching how to work as a team, meet challenges, make deadlines and solve problems.

Each workshop will involve up to 125 students, 2 teachers, one AnimAction Director and up to seven AnimAction artists. During the workshop, each group of students will develop, write, storyboard, draw, color and photograph their own 30-second animated public service announcement about conservation and alternative energy resources.

During the workshop, students will be involved in a collaborative process of talking, thinking, and exchanging ideas as well as interactive problem solving to develop their animated media messages. Upon completion of the animation cells, students will photograph them using a video camera and pencil test system (AnimAction equipment). The students will also choose a spokesperson from each group to present their film in the culminating school screening.

The entire student-body as well as parents at each school hosting the workshops will have an opportunity to participate in the school screenings of the animated films. In addition to educating the students’ communities, the PSA’s can be made available for release to television, cable stations and for other outreach purposes.


The Green Power Hero Assembly Program has further augmented the program by leading and organizing the Earth Day Clean Energy Fair, featuring the involvement of more than a dozen companies and organizations. The culmination of the 2002-03 assembly program in Griffith Park gave 1,000 students – all of whom had experienced the assembly program – the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and art projects relating to clean air, clean transportation, clean water, healthy oceans and more. The fair also featured the unveiling of a student-created “Earth Hero Pledge” flag that shows “Green Power Heroes – 1,000 Pledges for the Earth.”

The Earth Day Clean Energy Fair received significant media coverage, which also helped to spread the message about environmental stewardship. A front-page article in the Los Angeles Daily News, with a weekday readership of more than 178,000 people, celebrated Earth Day and highlighted students’ green energy achievements.

Assembly Program Impact

In its first three years, the Green Power Hero Assembly Program has reached nearly 100,000 Los Angeles Unified School District students (mainly elementary level) at more than 100 schools throughout the city.

A sampling of letters written by students and teachers demonstrates the educational and inspirational value of Green Power Girl and the Green Power Hero Assembly Program.

Student Feedback

“Thank you so much for coming to my class and teaching us about GREEN POWER! I loved the costume. When you asked us if we have ever went in front of the refrigerator and just stood there, I never realized how many times I did that. I need to work on that big time. I hope I will see you at school again soon!” – Liana Perez

“Thank you for coming to our class and telling us about green power. Now since you told us about green power I went home and told my parents about it and they went out and got 6 CFLs [compact fluorescent lamps] for one in my bedroom, one in the dining room, one for the kitchen, one for the master’s bedroom, one in the master bathroom, and one in my bathroom.” – Thomas Cato

“One day Green Power Girl saved our school. First her ring glowed on her finger. Green Power Girl said to save electricity. She liked her job. And she said to don’t fight. She has friends and the names are Sammy Solar and Wanda Wind Power…Green Power Girl is are [our] hero.” – Evelyn Chavez

Teacher Feedback (Following Assembly Presentations)

  • “Excellent presentation! Thank you very much. Students as well as teachers grasped a lot of important information. Hopefully we will all conserve more energy!” – Ms. Ornelas, Osceola Elementary School
  • “Thanks a million. Your message was a great one. We certainly see our students will be energy prudent adults as well.” – Ms. Williams, Valley View Elementary School
  • “A wonderful assembly – each one had the students talking about energy and “green power” after the assembly. The Green Power manual (curriculum book) is very well thought out and was a useful resource.” – Michael Robinson, Clover Elementary School

Teacher Feedback (Following the 2002 Earth Day Clean Energy Fair)

  • “The Earth Day festival was the absolute best field trip I have ever taken my students on for its overall educational value and experience…It was like a grand dream for my students, something they’ve never experienced before. The wide eyes and excitement throughout the day was only surpassed by the amount of life-long learning that took place, as was evident throughout the remainder of the year. My students truly became experts on the environment.” – Tonya Mandl, Charnock Road Elementary School
  • “Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful field trip with my students…You really created a wonderful, student-friendly environment…The skills, knowledge and patience of the presenters was simply amazing. They stimulated students’ interest in the subject matter as well as their understanding of the significant role which young people could play as ecologists and citizen activities…In fact, following our trip, many students voiced an interest in working as ecologists or government officials when they grow up! It was truly a wonderful learning experience which will continue to inspire my students long into the future.” – Dennis Hagen-Smith, Toluca Lake Elementary School

Please email for costs and presentation information. gpg@greenpowergirl.com